Events of the 2019-2020 season

August 30 (Fri.)
8 PM
“Apothecary Garden”
Moscow, 26-s1 Prospekt Mira

“The Farinelli”

Pratum Integrum and the counter-tenor Yuriy Mynenko perform arias from the repertoire of the great Farinelli.

Farinelli (stage name of Carlo Broschi, 1705–1782) was an Italian castrato singer, a real superstar of his time. His unique vocal technique and the vast range of his voice allowed him to perform both soprano and contralto arias. He sang before royalty, and literally made his admirers faint.


November 3 (Sun.)
Council Hall, St. Tikhon Orthodox University
Moscow, Likhov per. 6.

Russian Music of the 18th Century

Pratum Integrum Orchestra presents instrumental works by composers who worked in Russia at the end of the 18th century: Russians—Dmitry Bortniansky and Maxim Berezovsky—as well as immigrants, such as Sebastian Georges and Ernst von Wanczura. These pieces are part of an open video collection which the orchestra is planning to publish in December 2019.


December 9 (Mon.)
Zaryadye, Grand Hall
Moscow, Varvarka St., 6s4

Mozart and Salieri

On December 9, Pratum Integrum shall perform Mozart and Salieri at the Grand Hall at Zaryadye. The concert is a cooperation with Nadine Koutcher (soprano), Olga Pashchenko (fortepiano), and the Italian conductor Stefano Montanari.

Montanari, who also plays baroque violin and harpsichord, is one of the world's leading interpreters of Mozart. For 20 years, he was the concertmaster of the Accademia Bizantina, directed by Ottavio Dantone. He then went on to become a conductor in his own right, with a unique high-energy style, alternating between violin, keyboards and the baton, which he nimbly tosses over the shoulder when handing for an instrument.

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February 21 (Fri.)
Academic Capella
St. Petersburg, 20 Moika Emb.

The Night of Baroque Sonatas

At the St. Petersburg Academic Capella, soloists of Pratum Integrum Orchestra perform sonatas of Telemann, Schmelzer, Rosenmüller, Bieber and Weichlein.


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